Living With A Devil Sake For Over 2 Months Now!


A SNAKE has occupied their rondavel for two months and the terrified family say they need a strong inyanga to help them regain their house.

The family from Highflats, in KZN, no longer go into the rondavel. Instead they burn incense and hope the snake will go away.

Family member Bonginkosi Dlamini (51) told Daily Sun the snake, which he claims changes size and colour every day, slides into the rondavel through a small hole at night and lies on the floor.

“The snake arrived after our sister-in-law was buried two months ago,” said Bonginkosi.

He said his brother’s son, Sifiso (35) who lives alone in the house, told him about the snake.

“I asked him why he didn’t just kill it but he said it disappeared when he went towards it.”

Bonginkosi drove from Joburg on

30 June and found the snake in the rondavel.

“I burnt incense and it left but the next day it was back,” he said.

“We believe this is a devil snake. We never got on with our sister-in-law and we think she wants to chase us away from the house.”

Sifiso Dlamini, who lives in the house, didn’t want to talk about the snake. When he heard his uncles had confirmed the presence of the snake he ended the call.

Bonginkosi said Sifiso is angry because family members suspect that the snake is associated with his mom’s death.

“The area doesn’t have snakes that worry people inside their houses like the one that has invaded our house. That’s why we believe that this is an evil thing,” he said.

KZN Traditional Healers Association chairman Thandonjani Hlongwane said: “Some snakes are family ancestors while others are evil. The family will understand why the snake is there if they consult an inyanga.”

“He said they shouldn’t touch it while they are looking for help.”



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