Looking For Hidden Lodges For Magosha Bookings For R50?


Trying to place a magosha booking and have a nice time in Gauteng without blowing your entire budget on the hotel room?

Luckily, Ijozi is here to help. We have a list of cheap lodges perfect for a magosha booking for you to choose from, with prices starting at just R50/night!

Cheap affordable rooms to book at a guesthouse in Randburg Bordeaux
R 50 0614813073

Daily accommodation near the taxi rank Randburg
R 169 0113262123

R250 2hrs (no questions no names) 2 guests luxury room.East Rand
Budget room per night R200 0723195547.

Make your magosha booking today, easy

As a precaution from us, when meeting up with girls or magosha be advised to meet in a place you are comfortable with.

Also when contacting magosha try and be nice as possible as that’s the only way to get to any woman’s heart. Avoid being rude to magosha if you want their attention.



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