THE Dlaminis believe their daughter who died in 2003, was abducted by a sangoma and turned into a zombie.

This comes after 30-year-old Nomvuyo Dlamini from Ofafa Village in Ixopo, southern KZN, was apparently found alive on Thursday.

Her brother Mlekeleli (45) told Daily Sun a body the family believed was Nomvuyo’s was buried at home 15 years ago after being found a few metres from their home.

Mlekeleli said although he doubted the body was Nomvuyo when they went to fetch it at the mortuary, the rest of the family was convinced it was.

He said Nomvuyo was spotted on Thursday by her father on the side of the road in Highflats, 15km from Ixopo, begging.

They later found her at a home nearby owned by a sangoma.

“Although we are happy my sister is back and alive, we are still confused about what happened to her.

“The family believes she was abducted and turned into a zombie,” said Mlekeleli.

He said the family had done a DNA test to find out whether the woman they took home was Nomvuyo and they were still waiting for the results.

Nomvuyo’s mum, Priscilla (55), said her daughter had grown a beard and it looked as if she had sustained a head injury, which were signs that she had been turned into a zombie.

She said the sangoma they found Nomvuyo with told the family she had been living with her since 2010, but the woman couldn’t explain how this came about.

When the SunTeam spoke to Nomvuyo, she said she had been introduced to the sangoma by a man whose name she couldn’t remember.

The sangoma’s daughter (38) said her mum was not a sangoma but was a Christian. She said she often took in mentally disturbed people.