I lost my virg!nity to a stranger


I met this guy on internet we decided to meet just for coffee. when we meet we skipped the coffee and had some drinks. we chat and talk had really good time. at first he hold my hand then sit next to me. then he kissed me when we were in a bar. ask me if i want to have se.x with him. i said that i was a v!rgin, we still go to his place.
he was really gentle through whole thing but i still feel weird, i bleed and did not 0rgasm. after se.x he wanted me to stay at his place. but i live with my family i had to go home. i took a cab and go home. he texted me that night “so glad have you”.

i couldn’t sleep that night i kept replaying the evening in my head, always thought that the first person i slept with would be someone i loved. i kinda feel sad but also i don’t regret it. Next day he texted me i go to his apartment but we did not have se.x we just talked things and watch movie and stuff. he clearly said he was not looking for a relationship. i guess he wants to be f**kbuddy.
i am feeling really weird. i cannot sleep and eat in 2 days. help pleas