Louis Vuitton Jersy At Pick and Pay Clothing For R75!


To make it even worse, the jersey was selling for R75. Everyone loves a bargain, but what the shopper saw at Pick and Pay Clothing was just too good to be true.

A surprised shopper, who lives in Cape Town, recently shared a photo of the round-collared, two-tone, brown, check design jersey, emblazoned with the words ‘Louis Vuitton Paris’.

The barcoded price tag didn’t mention the French fashion brand and was instead described rather generically as “PNP Jerseys One Size Multi Colour”.

A cursory glance at overseas Louis Vuitton online stores shows that a similar knitted item would fetch a substantially higher price, running into the thousands.

With fake luxury brands an ever-present problem in South Africa, the major retailer was asked what was going on. Pick n Pay spokesperson Janine Caradonna thanked News24 for bringing the issue to the chain’s attention and said, “this is certainly not an item within our range”.

She explained the product was never approved by the retailer’s buyers, was not ordered and should never have made its way onto shelves.
“We ordered an assorted knitwear range for our stores and clearly this item mistakenly made its way into our delivery container. While we no longer have a relationship with this supplier, we have engaged with them to find out how and why this could have happened.”
Caradonna said they were checking all their stores and had so far only located this item, which had since been removed.
SOURCE: News24