The muthi worked for years, but last year Jeremiah Maseko finally bust his girlfriend after finding the muthi hidden under his mattress.
He was furious and immediately burned it, but this was a mistake, as his face soon started to itch. Since then, sores have covered his face and he looks as though he has been burned in a fire!
The 55-year-old, who has since dumped the woman, told Daily Sun he had been in and out of hospital but doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him.
“They just give me ointment to smear on my face, but the sores remain. I regret bringing that woman into my life. Women don’t want to be associated with me anymore because of the way I look,” he said.
Jeremiah said his face itched terribly in summer. “I have to wear a hat in summer to protect myself,” he said.
Doctor Raymond Isaacs, a general practitioner in the Joburg CBD, said Jeremiah should consult a skin doctor to help him with his problem.
Sangoma Dungamanzi Nyoniyasemanzini said Jeremiah’s girlfriend used fire muthi, known as isichitho somlilo.
He advised Jeremiah to consult an inyanga to mix muthi to cure him.