Magosha Price in pretoria increased from R50 to R70 but still affordable


Capital­inn Pretoria is also great especially if you are into zulus . Rates from R70 with effect from the 5 july 2016. The rates has increased from R50 to R70 per round of service as of today, full house increased from R70 to R100.Take away Increased from R300 to R600 per night.
Full house is a term used by night_women to describe a service where you get afforded things like fore_pla*y,blow_jo*b and then you eat your order.Take away is when you take her to your place for the whole night,no limit of rounds of service.
Night ladies don’t get out of stock.They are rendering a night mare service which has got a lot of evil transformation in it because you can prevent yourself from sexual transmitted diseases like HIV & AIDS or STDs and etc but not from sexual transmitted demons