Make me president and i will kill Zuma for you:Donald Trump


US business mogul Donald Trump has put South African President Jacob Zuma on notice, vowing to deal with him ruthlessly when he ascends to Presidency.
Donald Trump is accusing the South African president of flirting with his wife Melania Trump via Skype.Mr Trump also claimed he is in possession of the emails that came from President Zuma’s official email.
When asked,President Zuma said Melania Trump is just a friend and sister.”Just because I have many wives Mr Trump is now feeling insecure”,said President Zuma.

Mr Trump is said to be believing that once he become the US President he will own the world and do whatever he feels like,he believes he can assassinate any person of his choice and sweep his evil deeds under the carpet.
This comes after he once told the war vets in Washington that once he becomes a President he will lock President Mugabe and Museveni in prison indicating the fact that Mr Trump is no stranger to controversial statements.