Malema goes guns blazing after AKA!!!


Following comments made by EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, popularly known as The People’s Bae, AKA and Julius Malema have been going head-to-head in a heated debate on social media over the rapper’s decision to boycott opposition party events.

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi came out strongly against AKA’s decision to boycott all DA and EFF events going forward.
Through a string of tweets the rapper also revealed his political stance.
“”The ANC is faaaaar from perfect, but I firmly believe it’s the only political party with the credentials and policies to lead our country.”
This did not sit well with Mbuyiseni, who lashed out at AKA’s comments, claiming that he was neglecting fans within the EFF.
Mbuyiseni said that artists like AKA should not be choosing sides.
“I hav no problem with @akaworldwide membership of ANC. I support the right to affiliate. But why boycott EFF when many fighters buy yo music,” he said.
The All Eyes on Me star hit back…
aka vs malema
Then it was Malema’s turn to comment, warning him not to use Mbuyiseni’s comments as a generalized view of the party.
“Be specific because people will think there’s a collective position against you by us,we have not arrived at that yet,” Julius tweeted.
malema vs aka
“If my constitutional right to openly declare my political affiliation is considered an act of aggression. So be it,” AKA added.
aka vs eff
Malema then silenced Supa Mega with one shutdown tweet.
malema silences aka
Source: Times Live