Malusi Gigaba’s Full Scandal List


Norma and Malusi Gigaba are the picture of wedded bliss – well, as far as social media is concerned.

But behind closed doors, the couple are dealing with several scandals.

Malusi announced this week that he was resigning as Home Affairs Minister.

The move comes after growing pressure for the minister to step down.

From accusations of being involved in the Guptas’ ‘state capture’ to an affair and accusations of lying under oath, there is never a dull moment in the life of Mr and Mrs Gigabyte.

Have a look at some of their biggest controversies

The biggest test of their marriage came shortly after they tied the knot. A few months after their December 2014 wedding, Norma received an email from her husband’s mistress, Buhle Mkhize. The New York-based stylist spilled the beans of their affair, which allegedly started before Malusi and Norma walked down the aisle. Buhle apparently had no idea the Home Affairs minister was a taken man and only found out on the day he got married.

The scandal reached a major climax when in 2015 Buhle penned an open letter revealing every detail of their affair. Despite the drama, Norma stood by her man, even going so far as to call Buhle a prostitute.

“This woman is obsessed with me. At some point she apologised, saying she didn’t mean what she said, but still continued. I did not tell her to sleep with my husband. Malusi admitted it and said it was a mistake. We are over it, but I will always call her a prostitute for demanding money,” Norma told the Sunday Tribune in 2016.

Norma’s boosting during a 2017 interview with eNCA caused another big headache for the family. The IT specialist talked about how she has dealt with “big tenders” and revealed that she gave her hubby some advice when he worked at Home Affairs. “We did the transformation together of technology, because I wanted to help him, because I found that there were long queues at Home Affairs, and I know IT, and I know most of the time their system is very slow, so it helps him. For him to adapt to technology, it helps him, I was there,” she told the channel.

Her interview could not have come at a worse time as Malusi had just been named SA’s new Finance Minister. But the couple seemed unfazed by the drama and were pictured enjoying dinner at a fancy restaurant in Cape Town.

The couple now face the biggest test of all. Malusi announced his resignation on Tuesday after a string of controversies, including a North Gauteng High Court ruling that he had lied another oath about the Fireblade Aviation debacle. He is also facing an inquiry relating to the naturalisation of several members of the Gupta family. Will Norma stick by her man yet again?

The last time she posted a picture of Malusi on Instagram was in August, when they celebrated their anniversary. Only time will tell whether these two will weather the latest storm.