Man films ‘fungus’ in Liqui-Fruit


An investigation is under way after a Johannesburg man shared a video clip of what looked like a floating mass of fungus or intestines floating inside a box of Liqui-Fruit juice.

Curious to establish what the lumpy‚ cream and grey matter was inside the Berry Blaze flavoured drink‚ he cut open the packaging while recording a video of his find. The moist mass was floating on what was meant to be a smooth fruit juice blend inside a sealed box.

“It’s like some kind of fungus – soft but with no smell at all.

“I won’t be buying this brand again‚” said the man‚ who asked TimesLIVE not to name him.

In the video‚ he scoops the clumpy substance out using a fork‚ placing it on a chopping board.

Scores of people commented on his post‚ some sceptical and others inquiring. He was asked to show photographs of the packaging‚ which showed the product was not past its expiry date.