Man in Limpopo arrested for se_xually abusing neighbor’s cow

man n cow

A man has been arrested on allegations of se_xually abusing a cow at a farm in Limpopo.

Michael Mokoena(31), was charged with bestiality after being caught red handed in the despicable act.

Mr Mokoena was exposed after police details reviewed footage of the complainant’s surveillance video.

The farmer(name withheld) realized something was amiss when a handful of his cows stopped producing milk.

This is a somewhat known issue, that, when dairy cows are stressed their milk output decreases. The wary farmer then set up a video surveillance system inside his barn to monitor the cows.

Reports are that the Limpopo farmer reviewed the footage and was stunned to discover Mokoena, his neighbour sneaking into his barn.

Even more disturbing, Mokoena appeared to be se_xually abusing the cows.

A police officer we talked to said bestiality has become a harsh reality in South Africa.

The officer warned that people who sexu_ally abuse livestock not only risk criminal prosecution but added that the practice may have serious health consequences.

The officer’s claims are buttressed, by a study, led by urologist Kago Zulu which suggested that men who have s_ex with animals have an increased risk of developing pen_ile cancer.