Man takes selfies before and after bus accident


The before and after selfies have divided social media, with some laughing at the man, while some say it’s real and there’s nothing funny about it.

Social media users were left in a state of confusion on Wednesday morning after Twitter user @nicole_fkay shared two pictures of a man before and after an accident.

The vehicle is apparently a Nagi bus that travels from Harare to Maputo.

In the first picture, the man took a selfie, with a red bus and people in the background. The travelling group was taking a break or the bus broke down and people were forced to stand outside until the problem was fixed.

In the second picture, the same man posts another selfie, this time with his head and face dusty, and the same bus in the background, this time on its roof.

While most people laughed at the man, while feeling sorry for the other affected commuters, some said the pictures could surely not have been real. They argued it must have been a scene filmed for a movie.

Twitter went crazy with a lot of people retweeting this after this man shared this on social media…



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