Man thoroughly beaten for grabbing married woman’s bum: I’ve Never Seen Such A Nice Bum!


HE TOUCHED the bum of someone’s wife and paid a heavy price for it.
Isaac Mutambiri from Matholesville was beaten so badly that for a while he forgot his name and didn’t know where he was.
He later said: “I will never do it again, but that was the best bum I have ever seen.”
The incident happened in the Roodepoort CBD, west of Joburg.
Isaac confessed that he had touched the woman’s bum.
She was crossing the street with her husband when he put his hand on her bum.
She screamed that someone had touched her, and her angry husband turned around and asked who had done it. Everyone pointed to Isaac.
The husband then beat Isaac until he fainted. When he regained consciousness he couldn’t even remember his name! By that time the couple was long gone.
The SunTeam saw Isaac lying on the road. When he woke up he was confused and asked: “What happened?”
But after about 15 minutes he came to his senses. Embarrassed Isaac said he was not proud of what he did and knew he deserved the beating.