Marches Against Me Showed Racism Is Real – President Zuma


Our honourable leader, His Excellency, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma has finally expressed his views about the massive April 7th protests against his leadership across South Africa.

Daddy Zuma shared his views while he was speaking at the ceremony commemorating the 24th anniversary of the murder of Chris Hani.

Acknowledging Hani as one of the South Africans who died questing for an equal and non-racial society, President Zuma armed that dream of a non-racial South Africa is yet to be actualized.

According to him, this was demonstrated in the April 7th protests against his leadership. He said: “The marches that took place last week demonstrated that racism is real and exists in our country. Many placards and posters displayed beliefs that we thought had been buried in 1994, with some posters depicting black people as baboons. It is clear that some of our white compatriots regard black people as being lesser human beings or subhuman.”

His Excellency further wailed that racist onslaught has become more direct. “(it) is no longer hidden as was the case in the early years of our constitutional democratic order. Racists no longer fear being caught or exposed,” he said. With that, Mr President proered that the ght against racism should look at the ideological and institutional machinations that continue to give racism more traction.