Masechaba Ndlovu replaces Khanyi Mbau on The Big Secret


Radio personality Masechaba Ndlovu announced that she will be taking over from Khanyi Mbau as the new presenter of BET’s 13-part reality series, The Big Secret.

On the show, viewers reveal their darkest secrets to free themselves from emotional burdens. Confessors will divulge their secrets to Masechaba and then come clean to their close friends and families.

In the first season, where Khanyi hosted the show, she told DRUM that secrets usually trap people and stop them from progressing with their lives.

“The show is a platform for guests participating to free themselves emotionally and finally choose to live the life they were destined to.”

Masechaba shared her excitement as the new presenter on social media.

Vice President for BET, Youth, and Music for (VIMN) Africa Monde Twala says Masecahba is the perfect candidate to present the show,

”She is able to make people feel comfortable about opening up and presents no judgment towards the confessors.”

Watch the first episode on BET (DStv 129) on Wednesday 27 March, 21:30.



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