Merciless Mashonisa ‘Demands Intercourse

SHE’S having sleepless nights as a merciless mashonisa is threatening her and demanding to sleep with her. The 30-year-old woman from Motherwell, Port Elizabeth said she borrowed R500 from a mashonisa known as Malume in March.
“My husband divorced me in December. I moved with my two kids from Humansdorp to Port Elizabeth after getting a job as a domestic worker,” she said.
“I didn’t have enough money to move so I borrowed R500 from Malume. I was supposed to pay him back his money plus 50% interest at the end of March.
But he went away for two months and when he came back in May he demanded R1 500. I paid him R1 000, which was all I had.”
She said Malume demanded more money and she paid him another R1 000 in October.
“I thought I had paid him in full but he phoned me on 3 November telling me that I still owed him R2 000.
I told him I didn’t have the money. That was when he told me he had to poke me to settle the debt. He comes every day insisting I have intercourse with him.”
Malume refused to talk to the media.
He said: “This is my business and no one should tell me what to do. I didn’t force her to borrow money from me.”
Police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge said: “It is a sexual harassment case. The woman should report it to the police.”