Message from the Ancestors: Build A Car


SIBUSISO Sibiya (36) from Etwatwa extension 37, Ekurhuleni said his ancestors told him to build a car.

According to Sibusiso, the ancestors gave him detailed instructions, similar to the ones God gave Noah.

The SunTeam visited Sibusiso at his home to see his convertible, which he said was still a work in progress.

“After I install the headlights, my ancestors’ dream car will be complete,” he said.

Sibusiso said his first set of instructions came to him in a dream three years ago. He was worried because he had no knowledge of mechanical engineering, but his ancestors said there was no reason to panic.

“I did not have money, so I bought old material from scrap yards and got a few parts from my friends. I also bought a scooter engine to make the car move. When I look at it now, I am amazed I built it.”

He said the car would help him make money once it was completed.

“I sell vegetables, fix shoes and weld. The car will be used to travel to my customers when they need me,” Sibusiso said.

“I will also use it to display my vegetables.

“I feel like a celebrity when I am in my car. People stop me and take photos whenever they see me in the street.”

Sibusiso said he wanted to build another car for his family.

His wife, Bongekile Mabizela (39), said they often had fights because he spent the little money they had on the car: “But when I realised he was serious, I supported him. Now that the car is moving, it helps me too. He drove me to a meeting last week.”



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