Metro Rail Users Throw Armed Thug Out Of The Train


TRAIN commuters were gatvol of getting robbed and decided to teach the suspected thug a lesson.

The alleged thug tried to help himself to a female commuter’s handbag at Parow Train Station on Thursday afternoon.

The train was travelling from Strand heading to Cape Town, and the SunTeam witnessed the incident.

Commuters dangled half of the thug’s body out the window of the moving train.

When his friends saw what was happening, they tried to threaten commuters with knives.

But the determined commuters continued.

The man was beaten up before he was released at Vasco Train Station., which is the third station from Parow.

Metrorail Western Cape regional manager Richard Walker said the northern line, which includes stations where the incident took place, needed attention.

“We have noted that criminals tend to move to other areas when enforcement closes in on their territory.Teams will continue to focus on this line to ensure we rid trains and stations of thugs,” he said

“We encourage commuters to report all incidents to the police and Metrorail.”



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