Minnie Dlamini Gives Definition For “Dick-matized” On Twitter


The usually private Minnie Dlamini has just shared a tweet that had most of us choking on our coffee while scrolling through the timeline this morning.

We’re used to seeing Minnie’s playful side on social media but she took it to another level when she joked (but wasn’t really joking) about receiving several incredible rounds of sex.

Many of her followers were shocked to read her thoughts, while several others thought that she had been hacked because the contents of her tweet were simply too wild to fathom.

The presenter educated her followers with a new “word of the day” but it’s fair to say nobody expected the lesson that was in store.

In fewer than 280 characters, the Homeground presenter extrapolated the deeper meaning of the word “D***matised”. It’s worth noting that this is a slang word popularised by Americans and probably can’t be found in a standard Oxford Dictionary.

Minnie revealed the meaning of this sexual word (warning, mildly strong language below).