Mlungu Evicted Us For Voting ANC!


EXCITED farm workers went to vote in a truck with ANC flags on it – but found they’d been evicted when they got home.

Apparently, the angry mlungu farmer loaded their belongings on a tractor to throw them out of their farm houses.

The workers from Schikfontein Farm in Heidelberg, Gauteng had to sleep on the side of the road with their belongings on Wednesday and Thursday.

They told Daily Sun the mlungu said his farm houses didn’t belong to the ANC and they should leave.

Farm worker Lydia Makgane said: “He pointed out all those who went to vote and said he didn’t want to see us on his farm. We didn’t know going to vote would get us in such trouble.”

But when officials from the mayor’s office at Lesedi Municipality came to find out the facts, farmer Britt Hutchison said he kicked them out because they stole from his dairy.

When Daily Sun asked him if he had opened a case, he said he didn’t because he had no proof that the workers stole from him.

“I told them I don’t want problems on my farm,” he said.

Heidelberg cops confirmed that no case was opened.

In the end, the farmer had to allow the workers to go back to their homes on Friday night.

Human Settlements mayoral committee member Themba Motsepe said an arrangement was made with him to house workers while matters were settled.



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