‘Money Hungry’ Pastor & Wife Kick Out Congregant For Not Paying Tithes


A Reverend with Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) in Sizinda, Bulawayo got a lot of flak from his congregants when one of the worshippers stopped going to church amid allegations that she was “expelled” for not financially contributing towards church activities.

Reverend Jaredi Mwale’s wife Debra is alleged to have ordered Tambudzai Banda who was part of the church’s finance committee not to come to church as punishment for failing to contribute R200 and US$10 towards a Women’s Conference which was recently held in Malawi.

Banda was also accused of not tithing and paying offerings regularly. As a result she stopped coming to church.

The pastor and his wife are also accused of using abusive remarks against congregants who are not regularly reaching into their pockets to “feed” them.

A close source confirmed the congregants were unhappy with the pastor and his wife.

“For (Tambudzai) Banda it was like the last insult in the world, the day she was stopped from coming to church that she loved and worshipped at all of her life, even as a little girl.

“This was after the reverend’s wife read her the riot act that all those who didn’t contribute R200 and US$10 towards a women’s conference which was recently hosted in Malawi should stop coming to church.

“The reverend is also using abusive remarks against congregants especially those who are not regularly tithing and paying offerings. If one goes for about three to four months without paying tithes he or she is no longer considered a member,” the source said.

The pastor’s wife reportedly hustles money from congregants after every service.

“After every service the wife demands that congregants pay US$2 as a token of appreciation that they had received a word. She is also harassing female congregants on their WhatsApp group demanding expensive grocery items and that on the occasion of the initiation, women who want to be assisted to put on their uniforms for the first time should pay US$10. Her husband always brags that there was nothing that people could do to them,” added the source.

Meanwhile, congregants are reportedly planning to organise protests in order to put pressure on Rev Mwale to change his mind or leave the branch before his term expires in 2022.

Rev Mwale, however, dismissed all the allegations levelled against him.



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