Mother Catches Neighbor Pants Down Watching P_orn With 8-Year-Old Daughter In Rape Attempt


A woman got the shock of her life when she found her neighbour lying on top of her 8-year-old n_aked daughter in a rape attempt.

The woman who cannot be named to protect the identity of the minor, allegedly arrived in the nick of time before Shadreck Hwema (31) had defiled her daughter, whom he had tried to seduce using p_ornographic videos.

It is reported by the H-Metro that the minor had escorted Hwema to his place of residence to collect her mother’s money at Nenyere Flats in Mbare on March 14. Hwema allegedly started playing p_ornographic material in the presence of the minor before he pounced on her. As he was about to rape the minor, her mother knocked on the door and entered the house after no one had responded to her knock.

When she entered, the minors mother noticed p_ornographic material playing on the television and her daughter lying stark n_aked on his bed. Hwema who is deaf is reported to have scurried to put up his trousers and ordered the mother and the daughter to leave his house.

The minor then revealed to her mother what had transpired, before she lodged a complainant with the police which led to the arrest of Hwema. The knickers were produced in court as evidence as well as the p_ornographic disc.

Appearing before magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa facing charges of attempted rape, Hwema pleaded guilty and was granted $50 bail.