Mpumalanga rock throwing incident goes horribly wrong. Rock thrower falls off bridge,gets crushed by truck

Emergency services in Mpumalanga reported on Thursday afternoon that a man who is suspected to be a rock thrower died on the N4, near Witbank, after he tried to throw a huge rock on a passing car.
The man who is still to be identified fell off the bridge that goes over the high way and died after a truck which was carrying a load of coal ran him over.

It seems the rock was too heavy and it pulled him down, dropping him face first on the road. He got injured and was unable to rise up and get off the road. According to the driver of the truck that ran the man over, after the man landed on his face, he could not get up and run. He tried, but the pain on his face and the rest of his body was unbearable.

“I tried to stop,but the truck was going too fast and it was getting late. So I drove over him. I heard a ‘gudlu gudlu’ sound and realized that I had just killed a man. It wasn’t however my intention.” the truck driver who did not want to be named said.

Emergency services and the SAPS responded to the scene. An investigation is underway.