Mshoza wants to sue The Sunday Sun

Mshoza Sunday Sun

Mshoza doesn’t find those broke rumours funny… at all. In fact, she plans to take legal action against Sunday Sun because of the latest reports.
In an article titled ‘Desperate Times For Mshoza?’, the tabloid reported that the singer is down and out. She reportedly took a taxi from Mpumalanga to Richards Bay to visit Msawawa’s wife. Wait, when did taking a taxi become an issue?
Anyway, Mshoza is fuming and has taken to Instagram to suggest that she’s taking legal action. She posted a picture of the article on the photo-sharinng site.
he snap was captioned: “Sunday sun nijwayele… you sell your newspaper by writing lies about me… This time you will pay for it and if I’m broke, you are ganna make me RICH…. will meet in court…. u n your created sources…”
Hmmm… we guess you should never mess with Mshoza, huh?