Mugabe Is Not Welcomed In SA


The Democratic Alliance DA, has reacted to the EFF’s call on the South African government to grant the embattled Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe asylum. The EFF had last week called on the state government to immediately grant Mugabe political asylum for a short period after he decides to step down. This comes after the military took over the Zimbabwean capital Harare in the bid to force Mugabe to step down after ruling the people for over 30 years.
But the DA MP and shadow minister of International Relations and Cooperation Stevens Mokgalapa slammed the EFF in a recent statement, saying the request by the Freedom fighter clearly indicated that the party does not care about the greater good of the people of Zimbabwe. According to Mokgalapa, allowing Mugabe into South Africa on political asylum, or “refugee status” would be in contravention of the Refugees Act (130 of 1998) – the empowering legislation.
“The DA reiterates its position that President Mugabe is not welcome in South Africa. Not only does he have an abysmal human rights record, but granting him asylum will be against the law,” he said, adding that South Africa would not continue with its quiet diplomacy while the people of Zimbabwe suffer. This will not advance peace in Zimbabwe or provide better conditions for Zimbabweans as the EFF asserts.
“The EFF has chosen to be on the wrong side of history instead of advocating and fighting for human rights.  Just like the ANC government that seemingly supports war criminals and dictators like Omar Al-Bashir, Edgar Lungu and others who have abandoned the virtues of values-based leadership.
“If the EFF genuinely cared about the Zimbabwean people, they would be joining our call to not grant President Mugabe political asylum in South Africa. Many Zimbabweans have had to flee their country of birth as President Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe into the ground. ” The DA believes that the only solution for Zimbabwe is free and fair elections to be held urgently. President Mugabe and his government will not self-correct.
It is time for a new beginning for Zimbabwe.” Mugabe has been given until 2 pm on Monday to willingly announce his resignation as Zimbabwe’s President but while addressing his subjects on Sunday, Mugabe failed to resign as he insists he would still president over Zanu-PF’s convention even if the party has turned against him.
The country’s war veterans, however, claimed that Robert Mugabe swapped speeches to avoid resigning during a televised address. Mugabe claims that “bitterness or revengefulness which would not make us any better should not be allowed to have its way… Zimbabweans”. he also said that he would preside over a special congress of the ruling Zanu-PF party scheduled for next month.