Muscular men prefer plus-size women- Recent study Do You Agree?


A STUDY has indicated that muscular men prefer plus-size women!

The study said many plus-size partners were better at poking than thinner ones.

It stated that men who dated slim women often fought off guys trying to steal them, but when dating a plus-size woman, you can go anywhere without any fear. Kevin said: “It’s mainly because l can’t poke a slender woman. I get a bit paranoid. I tend to be nervous thinking bones will crack. A plus-size or curvy woman does it for me.”
Muzi Mngoma said he used to date skinny women before he became muscular.
He said he stopped dating them because he’s now stronger and doesn’t want someone’s child to die on him.

Lindelani Khoza said he’s a foodie and his plus-size woman loves food.
“Not all girls are open to trying out different types of delicacies. Since my woman enjoys having a good meal, we’re adventurous in trying out different restaurants and cuisine.”

Nokuthula Mbatha said this might be true because she’s a plus size woman and has dated a few muscular men.