My 4-5 Is Cursed It Only Wants Magosha Only!


HE was always mocked for being a 26-year-old virgin!

So he bought a magosha after he got his first paycheck.

But Teboho Maoa from Celeb Motshabi kasi in Mangaung, Free State, now believes he’s cursed as he only gets an erection for magoshas.

Tebogo claimed he can’t keep women as his 4-5 lets him down in bed.

“I’ve had seven girlfriends after breaking my virginity with a magosha, and they all left me because I can’t satisfy them in bed.”

“I had stayed a virgin because I wanted to build a stable future for myself before I had a girlfriend and children.”

He said he got his first job in 2017 as a shepherd.

“I decided to treat myself with a magosha when I got my first salary. I spent about R600 that day, but I’ve become addicted to magoshas since then,” he said.

Tebogo said he had to come up with excuses why his 4-5 didn’t want to get up.

He said he visited a clinic and was given medication, but it didn’t help.

“I’ve also tried seeking help from sangomas, who give me muthi to drink.

“I need help as I’m looking to settle down and have children,” he said.

One of Teboho’s ex-girlfriends, Palesa Motaung, said: “I dumped him because he’s useless in bed. He’s a good man but I also need to be satisfied.”

Sangoma Kingsley Maboe said Teboho needed to be cleansed by a strong sangoma.

“He’s carrying a curse which was passed on by someone he slept with,” said the sangoma.



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