My 4-5 is Rotting Away Please Help Me


ISHMAEL Motlhatlhedi (48) told Daily Sunall he wanted was to reduce the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases – but his 4-5 was now rotting away!

Ishmael from Maokeng in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, said while he was slowly losing his 4-5 his girlfriend of 20 years had left him.

“I regret ever going for circumcision.”

Ishmael developed skin wounds on his 4-5 that became infected and his testicles were badly swollen. The wounds have a terrible smell.

“I had sores on my penis and decided to go for circumcision at the clinic to minimise the risk of sexually transmitted diseases,” he said.

“The clinic transferred me to Tembisa Hospital, and I was shocked when the doctor cut my penis. I thought he knew what he was doing.”

He said he was circumcised in January.

But the hospital denied the allegation and said they didn’t do circumcisions.

Ishmael said he went back to the hospital but was told the right doctor was not on duty and they couldn’t do anything.

He said he went to the hospital at least five times and each time he was told the doctor was not available. He said he was only given pain killers.

“I’m losing weight and I’m constantly in pain, especially at night and when it’s hot.

“My house stinks. The mother of my son has left me. I need help,” he said.

Hospital CEO Dr Lekopane Mogaladi said the hospital does not perform circumcisions.

He said they were done at the Aurum facility in the Winnie Mandela Male Sexual Health Clinic.

“The man came to the hospital for sexual transmitted diseases and refused to be admitted for biopsy.

“Since then he’s been coming to the hospital’s family medicine department for medicine,” said Mogaladi.



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