‘My booty’s bigger than my belly’ Zoleka Mandela


As Zoleka Mandela prepares to welcome her fifth child, she’s sharing her journey with her fans on Instagram. From being tired, to weight-gain and ‘armpit cleavage’ – there’s no doubt that many moms can relate.

Zoleka has been posting updates about her exercise regime and eating habits during her pregnancy ever since she announced the news that she was expecting a few weeks ago.

And in true Zoleka style, she ain’t sugarcoating anything.

Here’s just three keepers that’ll make you smile.

My booty’s bigger than my belly (thought it was supposed to be the other way around?)

I have armpit cleavage that’s giving my breast implants some serious competition.

My push and pull doesn’t match today.

Y’all have a part to play

Zoleka likes to hold herself accountable and she often asks for you, her followers, to help.

This time she said that she can only workout six weeks after her c-section. She asked fans to send her pics of “how big” she’s gotten if she isn’t back on the exercise wagon in that time.

Sheesh. Go easy on yourself mother of five.