My husband cant sleep without eating punan_i


Something has been weighing heavily on my mind and I don’t know how to send it in. My husband can not sleep if he doesn’t suck punani. It’s a serious habit and I have learnt to live with it.My husband cant sleep without eating

We have Been married for 2 years now. If he travels, I go with him just cos of this. We don’t have kids yet. When I’m on my pe_riod we make arrangement for a girl he can su_ck before he can sleep. The girl comes to the room, get on the bed and after su_cking her and she cu_ms my hubby will sleep off there and she can go to the guest room.
I once arranged for one girl but she doesn’t have cl_itoris cos of ci_rcumcision so it was hard for her to cu_m so hubby was just like a crazy animal that night, he just kept twisting his finger inside her vigorously with his mouth stuck on her la_bia and his leg was just twitching, still she didn’t cu_m. I had to take her back and that night went out to look for someone.

When I came back without anybody his eyes were just red and he said I should go and wash my period thoroughly and come and lie down which I did so that he can su_ck and sleep. Is anybody going through this? I’m tired of this. I feel nothing in my punani anymore.
What do i do?