My Son Loves Sugar Mamas!


THE ANGRY mum wants her son to get a job and to get a girlfriend. And she wants him to date women his own age. “MY FRIENDS ARE NOT MY SON’S SUGAR MAMAS!” SHE COMPLAINS.

Mabongi Khumalo (53) from Braamfischerville in Soweto said she’s gatvol of her son Mbuzeni (25), who loves older women.

She said she’s even scared of inviting her friends to her home.

“His first move is to wink at them,” said Mabongi.

“If the eye contact is promising, he makes his second move: to shela them. And my friends are my age!”

She said he’s ruining her friendships.

She told Daily Sun she’s known her friends since her son was in nappies.

She said she hoped Mbuzeni would find work so he could rent his own place, or buy his own shack and move out of her RDP.

“I’ve even tried helping him find work. I got him work at a restaurant, but he only worked there for a while.

“He said it didn’t interest him and he just left the job.”

She said her relationship with her friends was uneasy now because her naughty son doesn’t want to work and doesn’t want women his age.

Nokulunga Dlamini (51) said that when Mbuzeni winked at her she disciplined him, there and then.

“I told him I was not his friend and he should never do that to me again,” she said.

Mavis Mabunda (55) said when she laughed at him it encouraged him.

“He started pursuing me, telling me how much he loves me,” she said.

She said she told his mum, who said many of her friends had complained about the same thing.

Mabongi is living with a nagging fear. What about the friends who’re not saying anything? Could it be that her son has dated some of them and they don’t mention it?

“Maybe they keep quiet because they are enjoying what he’s doing, or they’re already dating,” she said.

Gladys Hlathi (53) said she stopped visiting Mabongi. Horny Mbuzeni had the hots for her.

Mbuzeni told Daily Sun it was not his mother’s business who he dated.

“Everyone has his likes and dislikes. I fancy older, more experienced women.

“It’s my luck that they come to see my mum at the house,” he said.

He said older women know how to take care of a man and do something young girls don’t do.

“They give you money when you’re in need. The young ones only spend your money,” he said.

He said working at a restaurant wasn’t part of his future plans.

“I want to be a cop. Until then I won’t waste my time doing other jobs. I will wait till I get a post,” he said.

He refused to answer the big question.

“I’m not going to tell you which of my mum’s friends I’m dating at the moment. What I will say is that my current girlfriend is 20 years older than I am,” he said.

“But I’m not ready to say who she is.”



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