Mzansi Responds To Zuma’s Clapback at Ramaphosa


Jacob Zuma is using his Twitter account to respond to reports, comments and insults about him. On Tuesday he took to the social media platform to lambaste President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent comments that the former president’s term in office was “nine wasted years”.

Zuma posted a link to a lengthy reply in which he listed his successes, including his record on fighting HIV/AIDS, an increase in the number of social grant recipients and the introduction of free tertiary education for poor students.

Ramaphosa was in Davos in Switzerland last week for the World Economic Forum, where he spoke about “nine wasted years” under the Zuma administration.

Twitter users wasted no time in adding their views. At the time of publishing this article, Zuma’s response had over 1,100 replies, 1,300 retweets and over 2,300 likes. The hashtag #nineyears trended on social media for a short while.



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