Nadia Nakai lets us into her life with her new doccie-series, ‘Bossing Up with Bragga’.


Well, local celebs seem to have a thing for people ‘keeping up’ with them. AKA’s been doing this with his ‘Life on The Road’ series which basically shows the ups-and-downs of tour life.

The next artist to allow camera’s behind-the-scenes is Bragga herself. On the first episode the Family Tree signee details a fight with a make-up artist, performing, ‘calls’ Rihanna (just watch the video), performs some more,  attends the Castle Lite Unlocks event and, wait for it, performs some more. As expected, there’s cameo’s from the usual suspects Priddy Ugly, Bontle Modiselle, DJ Capital, Major League and many more.

Nadia Nakia calls Rihanna

It doesn’t go that in depth or personal but if you’re a Bragga fan then you should definitely check it out below.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@NadiaNakai



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