Nak3d Soshanguve Couple Found Trapped Inside New Grave


There was a spectacle when Municipality workers in Soshanguve stumbled upon two na_ked people crying for help from inside a freshly dug grave.
One of the care takers who preferred to be addressed only as “Mpho” said “When my colleague and I heard the pleas for help this morning we fiirst thought it was a ghost or tikoloshe, a graveyard is the last place you would expect to hear cries for help”
The two men fled the area and had to summon a third to confirm if the desperate cries were true indeed.
The cries seemed to be coming from a freshly covered gave from a deceased who had been buried this weekend.
Only one of them had the courage to uncover the mounds of soil that covered the grave only to discover a na_ked man and woman shivering inside.
“We lost it and fled as far as we could from these people” Mpho recounted “The first question one has to ask is how they got inside without digging in the first place?”

“As a superstitious community there is no doubt that this couple are witches.”
Further investigations by our team alluded that this couple are by no way related to the deceased in any way.
A small crowd of witnesses who had gathered around the grave tried firing questions at the couple who at that point looked like they were in a trance and couldn’t utter a single word despite being threatened. Thee SAPS removed the couple from the premises and took them into custody.