Naledi Makes Her Clothes From Daily Sun Newspaper


NALEDI Mohalala is a master of words – her poems always evoke strong emotions whenever she recites them.

But the sultry 22-year-old from Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni can turn heads without even opening her mouth!

This past week she was the talk of her kasi when she strutted down the road dressed in Daily Sun pages!

Naledi, who likes to wear things people see and use every day, once sported a top made out of cabbage leaves.

On another occasion, the poet accessorised with chicken legs as a necklace and an extension cord as a belt.

Naledi said after failing to decide what she wanted to wear, she saw a copy of the People’s Paper on the table. It got her creative juices flowing and out of that came a stunning outfit.

“I decided to take a short walk to the shop and people turned their heads as I passed.”

Turning to her writing, she said she did not have specific subject matter she liked to write about, but she wrote poems about things people could relate to.

“I like writing poetry about love and heartbreak,” she said.

Naledi said she developed an interest in poetry in 2006 and had been reciting the poems her sister used to write until she started writing her own in 2010

“My first poem was titled Simphiwe Shabalala.”

She said it was inspired by Shabba’s beautiful opening goal against Mexico in the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Naledi said what made it special was that Shabba reminded her of her dad, who was a soccer star in his younger years.

Naledi performs at different venues and is also an MC.

She won Best Arranged Poet in September this year at the African Print Author and Poetry Awards.

This young gem was also nominated for Live Your Dream SA Awards for Best Poet last month.