New toe licking trend goes viral


A new trend has caught on Mzansi social circles which sees women sucking on the toe of a man in an attempt to tighten their privates.
According to a Facebook user, the practice was discovered by a sangoma from Soweto and some locals also confirmed the practice really works.
A photo of a woman smiling and sucking on her boyfriend’s toe has been doing the rounds since the news broke out.
It was also revealed that for the trick to work, the to had to be sucked while dirty. Preferably after a long day of it being trapped in a shoe.
“It works, since I started doing it, my privates have become firm again and it turns my boyfriend on when I do it”, Palesa from Soweto said.
Some medical practitioners have however advised people not to do the practice. “There is not scientific proof that this works, in fact, it should cause disease since you will be swallowing dirty germs caused by having your feet stuck in a shoe the whole day”, a doctor saidNew