Nico Matlala banned for paying magosha with fake money


Self-proclaimed millionaire and celebrity casanova Nico Matlala has been blacklisted in Sunnyside’s red-light district in Pretoria after he allegedly bonked a hooker and paid R400 with fake notes.

The sex worker, who identified herself only as Vero, said she had sex with Matlala in his BMW X5 last Saturday.

She told Sunday World that Matlala gave her R400 after the romp, but she got the shock of her life the following morning when she went to a spaza shop on Esselen Street to purchase some items.

“I was so embarrassed when the shop owner told me not to play games when I tried to pay for my roll-on [deodorant].

“At first I did not understand what he meant, but he showed me that my money was fake.

“At that time I only had R50 on me so I went back to my flat and collected the other notes.

“He paid me with eight R50 notes. The shopkeeper checked them for me and told me they were all fake.

“I was so furious because I gave him a good time. I also trusted him because I usually see him with our pimps. He’s always hanging around Sunnyside.

“Can you imagine. He worked me so hard. In fact I thought he was going to give me at least R1000 because he was also driving a big car. I gave him a good time,” she said.

Vero, who said she dropped out of the University of Pretoria where she was studying for a BCom degree, said she uses some of the money she earns from the streets to support her siblings.

“I was going to use R100 of the money and send R300 home to my mother. I told my mother I get paid on the 15th. Matlala messed that up. I want my money.

“I told the other girls about him and he will not sleep with anyone of them until he pays me,” she said.



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