Nude magosha a road hazard this Dezember


SOME motorists think it’s disgusting, others think it’s funny – but almost everybody agrees nude magosha are a road hazard!

They were discussing a magosha who walks the streets almost naked.

“This is wrong,” said some angry motorists who travel along the R101 in Tshwane.

While some amused motorists stopped to take a look at the woman wearing only a T-shirt without panties, many disgusted drivers said it was a disgrace for a woman to do that.

In spite of the attention, the magosha remained focused on her client – bending down towards a man who had just stopped his white Ford Bantam bakkie at the side of the road.

After a while she got into the bakkie and the man drove off.

Another magosha who was watching shook her head and said: “Competition is very tough out here. We all need money and use different methods to attract clients,” she said.

“People hate us, but it doesn’t matter because we are only here for one reason. We want to satisfy our clients because we need the money.”

A male motorist said the police should remove the women.

“This is disturbing traffic. I almost crashed into a car when its driver slowed down to look at the woman.

“She looks like she’s naked. She doesn’t have any respect for herself,” he said.



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