Nyaniso strips down to flaunt his 'primitive' side

Actor Nyaniso Dzedze set Instagram on fire when he shared a picture of himself in his birthday suit, during his personal search for his inner “wild” man.
Even though Nyaniso knew the picture would take his followers by surprise, he took the plunge and went ahead with sharing it
The actor said he knew people would question why he decided to pose in the nude, and his answer was simple: “why the heck not?”
“I’m searching for my wild, the primitive masculine man, the shameless man, the powerful man. The warrior, the manifester, the king who just shamelessly is.  Have we as men claimed our power? have we claimed our orgasmic, sexuality? -I certainly plan to,” he said.
Nyaniso revealed that he recently contacted a photographer to do a wild nude shoot, and that this was just a glimpse of what’s to come.