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Nyaope taking over and ruining Orange Farm

Orange Farm, a relatively young township situated about 45km south of Joburg, is under siege by nyaope addicts, with residents afraid to leave their homes in case they are burgled.
Teenagers and young adults in the area are increasingly becoming hooked on the deadly drug, which is a highly addictive mix of heroin and dagga.
A police officer shows rolls of nyaope that were found during a road block. File picture: Masi Losi. Credit: Independent Newspapers
But while the problem is growing, there is no rehabilitation clinic in the area.
“If you leave home you will come back to an empty house,” said one woman, who described waking up one morning to a flooded yard because addicts had stolen her copper pipes to sell for scrap metal.
Resident Lindiwe Mthethwa said she recently returned from her sister’s funeral in Soweto to find her house had been turned upside down.
Moeketsi Seya, 24, and a nyaope addict for almost three years, was found shot dead in the nearby veld in February.
According to his grandmother Pauline Seya, Moeketsi’s path into nyaope hell began when he was abducted by an illegal initiation school in 2013.
“I spent a whole month looking for him. Some man visited me and told me the boy was at the initiation school and I needed to pay R1 000 for him to come out,” she said.