OMG Wife CAUGHT N-AKED Showing PUNANI to Neighbour


OOH HONEY it’s not what it looks like,I can explain please! That is what Nomathemba Moyo(38) roughly said in isiNdebele when her husband Mbonisi Moyo (42) found her with her skirt up and under-wear  off in the bush while their male neighbour (unnamed) stood a few metres away-staring.
Nomathemba had been relieving herself in the company of their neighbour. But it did not look like that for her husband Mbonisi Moyo,who out of anger appeared from nowhere and drew conclusions. Sensing what her husband had already thought -Nomathemba took to her heels. However she did not get far as she was caught and beaten up.

Mbonisi spent most the time beating his wife’s behind as if it had done something wrong. While at it, a constabulary came to Nomathemba ‘s rescue.
Mbonisi was then taken to the police station where a physical abuse case was opened. He has since appeared before resident magistrate Stephen Ndlovu