Palesa Madisakwane Involved In A Serious Drunk Driver Accident


FORMER Generations actor Palesa Madisakwane is angry with people who drink and drive.

But she’s thankful to be alive, after she and her nine-year-old daughter almost died because of an alleged drunk driver.

The crash happened on Saturday in Joburg.

Palesa told Daily Sun the accident left her with 20 stitches and her daughter traumatised.

She said she was driving on Witkoppen Road when she heard her daughter crying.

“My daughter was asleep and I heard a big bang. She started crying and I realised that my car had been hit by another vehicle,” said Palesa.

She said she tried to open the doors, but they were all locked.

“I then saw smoke near the windscreen and was scared we would get burned. I broke the window and screamed for help.

“I had no hope people would help us because it was the middle of the night. But by the grace of God, there were people who helped.”

Palesa said there was blood everywhere and the people who helped them took her daughter out of the car through the boot before calling an ambulance.

She said the driver who hit her car was drunk and was arrested by cops.

“My car was badly damaged, but I thank God we’re alive. I wish government would campaign against drunk driving and I hope the driver will be punished.”