Pastor Flies In Church As a Teaching


A US preacher takes flight to illustrate a biblical lesson to his congregation, says no church money was used for his “flight”.

From walking on congregants to gliding in on a hoverboard, some men of God are quite imaginative when it comes to making an entrance to their Sunday service. But a Mississippi pastor did the most when he flew into church.

A video showing Baptist pastor Bartholomew Orr floating onto the stage, with the help of cables, has gone viral.

Orr said: “Just as Christ’s return is going to be unexpected, my flying in was unexpected.”

But this stunt did not sit well with some people in the Christian community.

According to The Christian Post, critics of the preacher were concerned that his flight was a waste of church money.

Orr denied the allegation that church funds were unwisely spent.

He said that the equipment had been in the church for years and was used in the production of the annual nativity play.

“We’ve been doing it for about 10 years now. The last four of those years, we’ve had this flying apparatus where we fly in angels, fly in Gabriel,” explained Orr.

The “flying preacher” posted a video that was taken while he was preparing for his big entrance.

This may not be the last time Orr’s congregation sees him take flight.

He said: “If the Lord leads me to use objects, I will continue to use objects, and so, who knows what might be coming up?”



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