Pastor Mboro prays for Zuma's charges to dissapear.


The world has been going through such shocking happenings in such a short of time . This is believed to be a sign from the angry late heroes and sheros who fought for freedom and lived too short of a life to enjoy the fruits of their sweats.
Some even died for freedom which they never lived a second to enjoy. Suddenly the late unhappy what we now call “ancestors” have been introducing us to the weirdest uninvited guests such as Dineo the cyclone and the recent tremor. President Jacob Zuma has his plate full as of late.
As much as the world is experiencing such shocking changes he on the other hand is more worried about his charges.
A source very close to pastor Mboro says Mr Zuma the president of South Africa went to pastor Mboro’s church to personally ask him to pray for him so that his charges get dropped and forgotten about