Pay me, give me your phone or I rape you


THEY’D attack their targets with knives and pangas, demanding all their money.

If their victims couldn’t cough up the cash, the two thugs would rape as “compensation”.

If the victim was a woman, they’d rape her.

If they’d targeted a man, they’d demand his wife or daughter to rape instead.

This is according to Punch, which reports that a 50-year-old man and a 40-year-old man from Fulani in north east Nigeria were bust by cops on Monday.

They are suspected of raping a 34-year-old woman last week. They allegedly threatened her on the street with a panga and a stick, demanding N400 000 (about R15 230) from her.

When she couldn’t hand them the cash, they allegedly dragged her into the nearby bushes and forcefully had sex with her.

One of the suspects told Punch how he and his partner-in-crime would usually operate.

“If we stormed any house and the occupants refused to give us a substantial amount of money, we would have sex with any female we found in that house as compensation.

“We don’t care how young or old; once our victim did not give us reasonable money, we are bound to perform the act.

“If our victim is headstrong or refuses to part with money, we have no option than to have sex with his wife or daughter,” he said.

The Niger State police spokesman, Muhammad Abubakar, said the suspects would soon be charged to court.