More people join Controversial "Tavern" Gabola Church


THE controversial Gabola church that allows its congregation to booze and worship at the same time is getting a huge cheer as more and more people line up to join.
The church is spreading and new branches are being opened throughout Mzansi.
The church, which operates in a tavern, had 500 members at the time.
Now people are pleading with the bishop and founder of the church to come and bless them.
On Sunday, Gabola will be opening a congregation in Bloemfontein.
Twenty new pastors and members will be baptised at Skoti Tavern in Rocklands.
Bishop Tsietsi Makiti (52) told sources he was looking forward to expanding his church.
“We’ve had a great response so far and the demand is getting bigger every day.
“New members will be baptised with alcohol and be merry. They will be free to praise God and have their favourite drink at the same time.
“Everyone is the same in God’s eyes. I will preach this until people believe it.”
“It is not my dream to expand this church. It is by the will of the Almighty that this is happening.
“Gabola will live for years and years and it will grow bigger and bigger.”



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