Petition to stop promoting satanism in South Africa has been launched


Cape Town – A petition titled “Stop Promoting Satanism in South Africa” is asking people to boycott local organisations and venues who bring supposed “satanic” bands to SA.
The petition was posted by Christians SA on and is specifically targeting the venues Bassline in Johannesburg and The Assembly in Cape Town for bringing Polish death metal band Behemoth and Greek extreme metal band Rotting Christ to SA.
After giving statistics on how many Christians there are in South Africa, the petitions says “there are certain Blasphemous Media/Music/Event Organisations and venues corrupting the minds of individuals by letting Blatant Satanic International Artists/Bands come to our Beautiful country and perform, spreading their filthy message to their following and glorifying Devils/Demons”.
It goes on to say that venues who book these bands or allows organisers to book them are promoting “pure evil hate speech. If we can’t shut these companies down completely, then let’s stand together to slow them down at least and urge the venues to cancel booked Satanic events and discourage more Sacrilegious artist from arriving on our shores to pollute the minds of our youth”.
Read the full petition here.
Behemoth and Rotting Christ are both being brought to SA by Witchdoctor Promotions, an events company that was formed in 1999 and who is known in the SA metal scene for delivering quality live events featuring international acts.
This will not be the first time that Witchdoctor Promotions has been targeted by public groups regarding their shows. In April last year they had three venues cancel on them and sponsors pull out due to pressure from certain groups which led to a 10 000 capacity event turning into a 1200 capacity event.
Behemoth is set to play at Bassline in Johannesburg on 26 March and at The Assembly in Cape Town on 27 March. Click here for more info on the event.
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