PICS: Punani Wigs take the world by storm!


THERE’S a new hair raising fashion trend that might soon spread around the world. Models at the 2018 New York fashion week earlier this year, stunned crowds after going down the catwalk wearing “vagina / Punani WIGS”.

The international media reported that a fashion label Kaimin, a South Korean brand based in New York City, had its models step on the runway dressed with hairy, pubic accessories in all shapes and colours.

But The Sun reported that the hairy Punani wigs are not actually new in the fashion world, and are known as “merkins” that date back to the 1600s.

The publication said vagina wigs were originally worn by prostitutes after they shaved their pubic areas for health reasons.

“Now they are usually only seen in erotic movies, and typically merkins worn by women are made from fur, beaver pelts or soft linen,” said the publication.

But now the South Korean designer is bringing them back to the fashion world in different styles aimed to “assist irregular silhouettes.






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