Please Help My 4-5 Wont Stop Growing – Now Massive


Sanele Skosana (25) from Middelburg, Mpumalanga, told Daily Sunhis 4-5, which hangs between his knees, is painful, it is uncomfortable to live with – and worst of all, it is still growing!

“My girlfriend gets scared when I take it out. It puts an end to her poking mood,” said Sanele.

And whenever he sees a sexy girl he gets horny, and it isn’t easy to hide his thoughts.

“It’s really embarrassing and I’m tired of living like this,” he said.

He said he’s always in the mood. He wants more even after he’s had an orgasm.

He said he started masturbating a lot when he was 12, and he wonders if that may have something to do with his problem.

“I know poking is good for me, but I’m really tired,” said Sanele.

“I’m even afraid of going to work because I know how I’ll react around my colleagues.”

He said his girlfriend tells him that having sex hurts her.

Daily Sun spoke to Sanele’s girlfriend, who didn’t want to be named.

She said she loves Sanele but doesn’t even talk to him about sex.

“It scares me just looking at it! I hope he gets help because I love him.”

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said Sanele has been cursed.

He said this may have happened after he poked an ex.

“This girl was bewitched using an animal from the water,” said Dungamanzi.

“Sanele needs to consult a sangoma or a doctor, but I strongly advise him to see a traditional healer. Western doctors might not see the problem,” he said.

Beverly Langevelt, an andrologist who deals with men’s problems and 4-5 conditions, said: “I’ve dealt with priapism, which is a persistent, often painful erection that lasts for as long as four hours, a peyronie’s disease which leads to a bent penis.

“I’ve dealt with balanitis, phimosis, paraphimosis, and a hundred other conditions of the penis. But I’ve no idea what this is.”



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